Robert "Bert" Penny - RAF Pilot
Tiger MothBert's first flights were in Tiger Moths. His first flight was on the 3rd May 1943 and by 2nd July 1943 he had completed 75 hours flying in Tiger Moths. His first solo flight was on 11th May 1943 after 7 hours 25 minutes training.

Details of the actual Tiger Moths flown by Bert can be found at Appendix 20.

Bert's own record shows while posted at No26 EFTS Guinea Fowl he was trained by F/Lt Wood and F/O Wheeler in the following 27 procedures.  
1 Familiarity, Cockpit Layout 14 Spinning
2 See Log Book* 15 First Solo
3 Air Experience 16 Slide Slipping
4 Effects of Control 17 Steep Turns
5 Taxying 18 Instrument Flying
6 Straight and Level 19 Low Flying
7 Climbing, Gliding, Stall 20 Take Off and Landing Out of Wind
8 Descending 21 Precautionary Landing
9 Stalling 22 Forced Landing
10 Medium Turns 23 Action For Fire
11 Climbing and Gliding Turn 24 See Log Book*
12 Taking Off Into The wind 25 Aerobatics
13 Powered Approach & Landing 26 Night Flying
27 Pilot Navigation

* There is also a printed list of procedures in the Log Book which is slightly different from the above.
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