Robert "Bert" Penny - RAF Pilot
Tiger Moths flown as Gwelo S. Rhodesia.
No. c/n Type History Fate
No. 649 DHA737 DH82A TIGER MOTH DX649 S.Rhodesia SAAF 4733 ZS-DND HB-UCJ (?)  
No. T5523 83242 DH82A TIGER MOTH T5523 S.Rhodesia Crashed 1m E of Guinea Fowl 25.9.43 Dbr
No. T5503 83236 DH82A TIGER MOTH T5503 S.Rhodesia SOC 16.12.43
No. 7924 84288 DH82A TIGER MOTH T7924 S.Rhodesia SOC 31.5.44
No. T7525 83941 DH82A TIGER MOTH T7525 S.Rhodesia SOC 17.10.45
No. 535 82366 DH82A TIGER MOTH N9265 SAAF535 ZS-BUR Canc 11.73 (?)
No. T7535 83951 DH82A TIGER MOTH T7535 S.Rhodesia SAAF
No. 5488 83221 DH82A TIGER MOTH T5488 S.Rhodesia SOC 6.9.44

SOC = Struck off charge
Canc = Cancelled

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